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Yoshi Ayarane
1 April 1984
Yoshi is some kooky digital artist-dood who oversees Ayarane Project and is also the boss-pants-wearing overlord of Across, the superguild that will accomplish what its Excel Saga namesake failed to do. She is most definitely not a dinosaur with a long tongue (but she does share in the appetite department). Her favorite color is blue, which may or may not be related to her being a naughty liberal.

If you have only heard her on the phone/voice chat, let it be stated on the record that she is not a 10 year old boy. You have NO idea how many times this has been stated. >_>;

Other Places to Find a Yoshi:
- Here, on this very LJ! gasp!
- Read Yoshi's tell-all blog about grade school: Weird Heritage Elementary! Yes, this school really did exist, and she really did go there.
-- Yoshi most often terrorizes (and now is considered an official moderator of) olberfanns ("official" screencapper for the daily Countdown threads and artist of Pundit Games), msnbc_love and ontd_political, too.
- Facebook as Yoshi Ayarane
- Instant Ramen Sketchbook for art
-- DeviantArt mirrors major pieces and also archives older stuff prior to the server change
- Ayarane Project YouTube Channel
- Twitter has Yoshi in fun-sized tweets, follow her and become part of the Tweeting Prinny Legion!
- Please stuff Yoshi's Formspring mailbag!

Left Half of Yoshi's Brain: neophoenixte

Across Universe: The wiki of everything related to Yoshi's superguild and its fiction, character, memes, etc.

City of Heroes/Villains: @Yoshi Ayarane
World of Warcraft: Draenor server, member of Shattered Knights
- Yoshial (Human Female Mage)
- Philionel (Human Male Priest)
- Lesalia (Human Female Paladin)
- Reimarael (Night Elf Female Hunter)
- Dinalesca (Night Elf Female Rogue)

Follow policy:
Friend or unfriend me at will, random person. Comments are almost always open to all, I log IPs and have notifications turned on to watch for the trolls (especially those who like to flame and run).

I realize I may on occasion get carried away with this or that and stick my foot in my mouth; in such cases it is appropriate to call me on it (tactfully). That said, what is not-so-classy is when trollish doods decide they're going to firestorm me because I happen to like (person/thing/concept) that they ABSOLUTELY CANNOT STAND AND HOW DARE I MENTION IT IN THEIR PRESENCE. Don't be that dood. I shouldn't have to say it, but unfortunately there are those who actually commit these acts of trolling, and it leaves me feeling like even less of a person and carrying more self-doubt than I need to.

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