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Ayarane Project @ LJ
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(Yoshi Suggests) Crazy Cheesy Crust Pizza 
3rd-Apr-2013 10:18 pm
Flonne - Holy Crap! (Disgaea)
Pizza Hut rolled out their new event item today, so of course I had to loot it. The Crazy Cheesy Crust looks like a variation of the Cheesy Bites, but is a different beast in itself. The wells look like what would happen if the bite pockets burst open from overload. :P

The cheese wells on the crust don't quite lend themselves to being easily plucked off, like the Cheesy Bites. Eat it like a normal pizza-- hell, the crust wells lend themselves to the usual eating method. I got my pizza with pepperoni and added extra cheese, but even without the added cheese you're getting a lot of cheese in this pie (obviously). If you're like me and loot the fried mozzarella sticks as a side item, you may want to skip on that this time, because even I would consider that a bit overkill. Yeah.

(I did, however, get the garlic parmesan boneless wings. That stuff is just... omg...)

So, all that said, is this good pizza? Well, of course. It's not a "Yoshi Suggests" post if I wasn't endorsing it. It's chewy and juicy and oily and everything that's horrible and therefore awesome that you would expect from a novelty event pizza like this. >:D As much as Papa Johns is my all-time favorite overall, I gotta give Pizza Hut points for playing with the crust, even if it doesn't always work out.
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