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Ayarane Project @ LJ
Welcome to Yoshi's head. Cookie Couch is over there.
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Bittercat (Wakachan's /meow/)
Hi, I am still bad about writing in here, I mostly drift around Facebook and Twitter if you need a more frequent Yoshi fix.

Okay. I mused on this elsewhere but I may as well put it on the record again, here.

I don't like MLP:FiM.

In fact, I don't really care for the My Little Pony franchise, period. Never was into it as a kid, and this new series just... really, REALLY bothers me. Not even the presence of Gundam voice actors (plus a couple doods from the Los Angeles pool) can salvage interest. Nope. You can't even appeal to my inner Trek nerd via Discord (aka MLP's literal incarnation of Q, down to the same freaking actor).

It's, just, the whole thing REEKS of creepy pedo-bait. I know I'm not being fair. But the character designs and the color choices and the overall package, and (certainly not least of all) the whole Brony fandom that's spawned from this, all of it together has me all "no, NO, do not want, go jump in a black hole and let me never have to hear about this again." I have a serious aversion to things that encourage or could potentially encourage child predators, other things including moeblob anime/video games (I couldn't play Ar Tonelico 3 because of this-- the three Reyvateils really looked underaged AND their powers were dependent on stripping, and while I am pretty tolerant of fan service, this was well on the side of NO).

Did I mention I got trolled by one of the nastier Bronies? The type that participate in the pornographic side of the fandom? Yeah. That's another way to kill my interest in something. (And this isn't the first time, either. Crazy fangirls killed any desire to EVER read Harry Potter.)

It kinda bristles me when a good chunk of my friends list is going on about MLP, especially a couple who swore on their souls they would never give in and take part in it. I would, of course, not be the sort to tell them to stop talking about it, so I just grit my teeth and scroll on past. But know this: if you want to get on my bad side in an instance, ask me to draw my OCs as ponies.

Yes, that really happened. Twitter DM. The dood who dared to make such a suggestion should be lucky that I never replied-- mostly because of food distraction-- because I would have gone off on 'em. Or not. I'm too damn nice. More likely I'd just fume internally for the rest of the day.

Freaking ponies.

I'ma go hug one of the cats now. Purring drops blood pressure. Yeah.
25th-Nov-2013 05:17 pm - (Yoshi Suggests) Pokemon: The Origin
Flonne - OMG! (Disgaea)
First off: Who's finally cashing in her Yoshi Day IOU? Aw yeah. And instead of Tales of Xillia (because my PS3 is upstairs and I still can't do stairs yet), I'm getting Pokemon Y. (Rather than X, even though X has a blue-ish cover... because, dude, Y is for Yoshi, and that's good enough for me.) And Nintendo is SMART to cater to those stubborn "Generation I or GTFO" fans like me since this time you get access to the Kanto starters very early on. No more having to engage in arcane trading and transfers to be reunited with the little buggers. I'm going to enjoy steamrolling everything with Blastoise, just like I did waaaaay back in Blue/Yellow. >:D

And yes, not that I'm expecting anyone to ask but I'll distro friend code-ness on request.

BUT. This post is not about the mothership, but rather, this 4-part OAV that is to the original Pokemon Red/Blue like the Tales of Phantasia anime is to its respective game. That's right, Pokemon: The Origin.

Spoilers. Also, abandon all hope if you liked the 4Kids VAs.Collapse )
Samus Aran (Metroid Prime)
Hi internet (specifically the blog/LJ side of things, as I've already posted to Facebook). I bet you're curious as to why I have been mum about anything for the past three-ish months, right?

I was in the hospital!Collapse )

I've regenerated quite a bit while I was in rehab. All things considered, 70% recovery of mobility is very good. And apparently it was enough to cut me loose the first week of November. The rest will be handled from visiting nurses and outpatient care. It's not easy, but it's something that will be done, in time...

By the way: this was something I was hesitant to disclose, but I did lose a lot of weight during my hospitalization.... to the tune of 170 pounds, mostly fluid. (150 at Kaiser, the rest from Ballard)

The Instant Ramen and commission service will resume soon. Can't say when... it could be a few days, maybe a couple of weeks. The holdup is that my gear is upstairs and I can't do stairs yet, so it needs to be moved down here to my temporary room.

And that, as they say, is that.
21st-Aug-2013 10:36 am - I may in fact be a butterfly.
Flonne - Um... (Disgaea)
I feel like ick and death. I came back barely enough to be able to nibble on some pizza but otherwise today I'm back to hardcore feverish and sore and nowhere in considition to do much aside from snooze.

This is all my fried brain can come up with. Ow. ow ow. FML.
10th-Aug-2013 04:26 pm - Time to troll again
Samus Aran (Metroid Prime)
Hi, internet, I am back again because I've mostly taken to Facebook and being a whiner there.

I dunno what to say, really. Because mother yanked cell service before giving me time to transition services off (if you don't recall, she killed MY cell phone service during drama with the stepfather and I didn't find out until I got an iMessage several hours later and when I told her what she had done she was all "lol sorry can't help you now" non-apology, not even given an offer to pay for it myself or downgrade... just, nuked from orbit because she can't control her temper), I've mostly been dealing with other services weiriding out (and some locking me out with little recourse because I dun have a working number). Amazon Payments is freaking out (I went and tried to sign up for it so I could wedge my way into Mechanical Turk to try to earn some coin that way and they're all "you don't have a phone number? GO AWAY. *suspend*), I'm amazed Wells Fargo HASN'T screamed bloody murder and suspended my account entirely, ugh...

Anyway it's that time again, to pass the Magic Coin Block around. Arts for coins~
I really hate trolling like this, doods.
I wish I could work a normal job but the best I can do right now is Gourmet Ramen. Please hire me so I can eat, among other things. :(
2nd-Jul-2013 09:57 pm - The one about Jack's Big Stack
Bittercat (Wakachan's /meow/)
Been awhile since the last review-something post. Tonight, because I finished a Gourmet Ramen, I figured I'd justify the expense and try something new at the same time. Enter... Jack in the Box's newest event item, Jack's Big Stack.

There is a reason why this post lacks a "Yoshi Suggests" tag.

It's not so much about the burger itself as it is the advertising that went into hyping it. The burger is mostly a minor tweak of the Ultimate Cheeseburger-- two beef patties stacked on top of each other with cheese. This time it's with sourdough bread slices that are toasted but are usually softened during transit, and only have mayo spread, and have a couple of onion rings and a few long slivers of pickles.

The ads and website suggest that this is supposed to be crunchy and awesome.

I'm not feeling it with this burger.

In many ways, it's actually a step BACKWARDS from the Ultimate Cheeseburger. No ketchup and mustard, so you gotta add those on your own if you want them (I opted to with the second burger, I got two via a buy-one-get-one-free coupon), and I could barely register the onion rings. Boo. It's... kind of boring. If you're a fan of the Ultimate Cheeseburger, just stick with that, you're not missing much here if you wanted to try something different.

That is all. And now for reasons unrelated to this post, I'ma going to lie down.
17th-Jun-2013 10:36 pm - Double F Double M Double L
Ahahahahaha, mother ported her number to Google Voice but forgot to ask me if I wanted to before killing cell service. So there goes THAT idea.

Come at me, trolls!
Especially you-know-who. I bet he must be LOLing up an epic ROFLstorm right now. :P
17th-Jun-2013 09:01 pm - Oh bother.
Hello. I'm about to lose my DVR and cell phone service because of... stuff and things. Short version: Evil Stepfather sucks at coin management.

Losing DVR I don't mind so much since I can just torrent everything I want, but the phone... well, I can save the number via Google Voice, but just having one is a symbol, you know? Of my personal agency...

Before anyone says anything, this probably was going to happen even if I'd left earlier, so please resist going down that route. (If mother's hysterics carry an ounce of credibility, I may be gone in the next month or so ANYWAY...)

I really hope this isn't another bluff, like the many times mother has played at divorce, or we're all going to look very silly tomorrow. As is, I don't like reporting on most of the infighting I'm made to listen to because a lot of the divorce threats turn out to be empty BS, and I end up looking like I'm crying wolf.

Also I am lothe to say this, but I really do need help with the Magic Coin Block, more than I accounted for. I need to be pulling in at LEAST $20 a month to fend off vital service fees. I've been trying to troll for commissions but that's not happening as much as I want, so... argh, time to pass the Block around for any direct aid. Anything in increments of $20 gets you a credit towards a SD Single Gourmet Ramen commission, first-come first serve. The paypal ya want is ayarane [ AT ] adelphia.net if you can...

I think above all else, I have to not look upset or anything of the sort. Mother is easily agitated right now and the last thing I need is more lecturing of her to dropkick me back into a depressive funk, because Extremely Sad Yoshi = not doing any painting = interferes with commissions = not making money. FML doesn't even BEGIN to describe the mess in my head.
Flonne - Holy Crap! (Disgaea)
Pizza Hut rolled out their new event item today, so of course I had to loot it. The Crazy Cheesy Crust looks like a variation of the Cheesy Bites, but is a different beast in itself. The wells look like what would happen if the bite pockets burst open from overload. :P

The cheese wells on the crust don't quite lend themselves to being easily plucked off, like the Cheesy Bites. Eat it like a normal pizza-- hell, the crust wells lend themselves to the usual eating method. I got my pizza with pepperoni and added extra cheese, but even without the added cheese you're getting a lot of cheese in this pie (obviously). If you're like me and loot the fried mozzarella sticks as a side item, you may want to skip on that this time, because even I would consider that a bit overkill. Yeah.

(I did, however, get the garlic parmesan boneless wings. That stuff is just... omg...)

So, all that said, is this good pizza? Well, of course. It's not a "Yoshi Suggests" post if I wasn't endorsing it. It's chewy and juicy and oily and everything that's horrible and therefore awesome that you would expect from a novelty event pizza like this. >:D As much as Papa Johns is my all-time favorite overall, I gotta give Pizza Hut points for playing with the crust, even if it doesn't always work out.
1st-Apr-2013 12:33 pm - (WIP) Sneaky Birthday
Hikaru (Ragnarok TWILIGHT Ep. 2)

As much as it looks like I do him all the time, it's actually been quite some time since I've drawn some Numair. It's my birthday, all you haters can piss off! >:P

I need work/portfolio fodder way more than I need loot, so if you were even thinking of loot/cookie-bombing me, you may want to consider hiring me for some Gourmet Ramen instead. You get purdy pictures, I get some coin and more material for my portfolio (aside from my pile of OCs), everyone wins! :D Besides, the games I want-- DuckTales Remastered and Tales of Xillia-- don't drop until summertime anyway.

If you're wondering, I get a cat-themed cake. Of course, mother went and put my original name on there, otherwise I'd be posting/tweeting it all over and I don't need any sass about my birth name, thank you.

At some point today I need to swap out one of Blastoise's case fans, so I can set him up for livestreaming without worry of overworking the rest of his cooling measures. Otherwise, just another day of painting and being lazy in WoW. :P
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