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Etna - Sass (Disgaea)
A Few of Me

I've really got to start livestreaming my sessions again. Problem is, my Happy Hour is at butt-freaking-3am. Good for my European fans, not so much for my fellow Americans... unless you live on the East Coast and your idea of fun in the morning is watching a mute stream of line art and coloring for a few hours. :P Well, I suppose it's not that big of a problem when you consider I compress and post 10-minute "Express" versions to YouTube the next day all the same, but it's fun to do stuff live and actually have people show up, too.
16th-Mar-2013 04:14 am - (WIP) Pieces of Me
Hikaru (Ragnarok TWILIGHT Ep. 2)
Ahmygawd, what is THIS?!

This is to eventually become the cover art for the Facebook version of Instant Ramen Sketchbook. (...which you should Like, if you are on FB)

Also holy freaking crap, COUNTDOWN TO YOSHI DAY EPISODE 29. March is already half-over?!
I need to figure out what I want (and is feasible) to do. All that's a given is that it ends with delicious cake. Oh man, very much want.

Time for bed~
27th-Feb-2013 05:20 pm - (Yoshi Suggests) Pizza Hut Sliders
Flonne (Disgaea)
It's time for a pizza edition of Yoshi Suggests. Today's experiment in nom is the Slider from Pizza Hut. It's an event item that's been around for a couple weeks but I've not yet gotten to looting some myself. Since this is a Yoshi Suggests post, this of course means I approve enough to endorse a buy.

Recall when Pizza Hut rolled out their Garlic Bread Pizzas. Basically, this is the Pan Crust version of 'em. Seems someone took my "offer a smaller version" hint to heart, since this one comes in two varieties: a 9-pc version for $10, and a 3-pc version for $5. I looted the 3-piece version.

First off, you get to configure EVERY SINGLE ONE. You heard me. Every one of those Sliders is customizable, so you really could have a unique pizzaling if that's what you wanted. Good if you have a group of picky eaters or really felt like sampling every freaking topping that's out there. Of course, these are rather small so you can only shove so many topping bits on here. You are capped at 3 topping selections to each Slider, and since this is Pizza Hut, extra cheese is excluded as a topping selection. :P

Now, as to whether or not I'd take the 9 over the 3-pc version... well, that depends on how much you like Pan Crust. As in, do you like the actual crust, because most of the time you're going to be munching on the crust side and maybe get one or two out of the center. Pan Crust is also infamous for having INCREDIBLY BUTTERY BOTTOMS because of the spray on the pan to, you know, keep the dough from sticking. Also, this particular Pizza Hut merely squirted a small blob of sauce in the center before putting on the cheese and topping-- yes, you can actually see a dark puck where the sauce is underneath that cheese. If you're like me and looted something else that comes with marinara, and you want a little more sauce, these dunk quite easily!

I will repeat my recommendation from the Garlic Bread Pizza version-- Sliders work far better as a side item than as a standalone, both from price and how long you can stomach Pan Crust. Granted, the 9pc version is a better deal since it's basically a buy 2x of the 3pc and get an additional 3pc for free... Anyway, if you're feeding a big group, I'd get these as a side item and loose 'em on your friends, especially if they're chomping at your ankles for some munchies while you're setting up the main event. :D

You know what would be awesome, though? If Pizza Hut could apply the Slider concept to their Chocolate dunkers. Oh man. THAT would be... almost illegal. Chocolate Dunkers, if you've not had them before, is basically Pan Crust-type breadsticks with Hershey chocolate+white chocolate kibble and melted chocolate dip. Yes, Pizza Hut's dough is malleable enough that it can function as a dessert medium.
Flonne - OMG! (Disgaea)
I had a draft of this on Blastoise a couple weeks ago but forgot to save it before his scheduled Windows Update-triggered reboot. Oops.

Let me open this pre-spoiler cut that if you have never ever played a Pokemon game before touching Mystery Dungeon? No problem! You can be a total Poke-virgin and still enjoy this game. If you're a veteran, that's fine too, but it's not going to help you much (beyond that it follows a modified form of Generation III in terms of when you learn abilities).

With that out of the way...

You, too, can be a Squirtle.Collapse )

* This is the... thing that has always kind of bugged me about Pokemon and its evolutions-- it's a tradeoff between being small and cute and learning abilities faster, or growing up faster but it delays getting the upper-tier abilities CONSIDERABLY. I want to be a Blastoise, but I don't want to wait until Lv. 68 to get Hydro Pump! I mean, no disrespect to Squirtles and Wartortles, but Blastoise is my favorite for being an effing tank.
12th-Feb-2013 08:19 am - Eff a dream
Prinny (Disgaea)
Uhm. I kinda... misplaced much of last week. As much as I like rain, that and Fontana's decision to dial back the temperature to mid-40s kinda kicked me into "oh crap, it's TIME TO HIBERNATE" and I kept fading in and out of sleep. Thankfully it was in my own bed rather than in a chair, but it also meant I got no painting work done. :(

But not today since I have plans and such. Today is that happy little political rock concert we call the State of the Union, and I don't watch that without a big freaking pizza. And I have a free pizza credit from Papa Johns. Aww yeah.

Let me get back to that falling all kinds of asleep there, though... because in that clusterfwegh there managed to spawn one extra-coherent dream that I would file under "why is this not a real thing?" with unfortunate circumstances as you'll see.

In this mess, which takes the form of screencaps of Twitter and browser screens, it is announced that Disney is producing a Scrooge McDuck movie-- "not necessarily a reboot of DuckTales nor is it directly referencing the original comics" as was quoted, so I'm thinking total reboot fodder. Something about an origin story and how it was being done in 2D, and there was a dark screencap of a younger Scrooge holding a ratty driver cap and standing in line in a soup kitchen.

It was under wraps because they wanted to hold off for some anniversary to announce it at a con whose name I didn't catch, but something catastrophic went down, something to the tune of, um, Scrooge's voice actor (one badass freaking Alan Young) passing away and thus having to scramble to recast him because YEAH THAT'S KIND OF A SHOWSTOPPER. And Disney PR thought they could still keep the movie's existence a secret in spite of such a tragic event except the successor had to go and tweet about it. That successor was... oh... Craig Ferguson? OOPS. XD And then he went and made it worse by talking about it on the Late Late Show via a very sweary generic duck puppet. MORE OOPS.

And that was it. The whole thing played out like a news segment. It was one of those things where you REALLY WISH IT WAS A THING but it's not, and in this case I'm kinda glad it isn't because as much as Craig Ferguson rocks faces off and would make a kickass Scrooge, there's just no comparison to Alan Young. Dude's STILL got it, if his bit in Kingdom Hearts is any indication. :P What is he, pushing at least 90-something now?

Yeah. I kinda hate my subconscious when it pulls fakeout shenanigans like this. But good duck on a stick imagine the double-whammy drama that would go down.

And now Kestine just jumped on my bed and NO KITTY NO WALKING ON THE MACBOOK ARGH--
23rd-Jan-2013 05:13 pm - Yoshis and Gizmos and Jammers
Hikaru (Ragnarok TWILIGHT Ep. 2)
As promised, extracted video of my Skype chat with the Giz Wiz and JammerB. Oh man. I forget if brendala is interested in MAD Magazine at all, but if she is she'll surely rocket into orbit with this! XD

Also King Leo just name-dropped me (for "This Week in TWiT") while talking with CEO Lisa about future possible TWiT swag. Hot.

I get the feeling I'm going to be quite busy in the coming weeks! *coin*
19th-Jan-2013 11:41 pm - Small pile of win
Hikaru (Ragnarok TWILIGHT Ep. 2)
O hi.

I've been on a bit of an Angry Birds bender, particularly AB Space. This time I'm actually trying to 3-star each level rather than just get enough to advance. :P

I'm in the Utopia map and... OMG I want a plush version of the Fat Pig. I already have the mega-size version of the Minion Pig but that's not the same. Fat Pig is the Bad Piggies' version of Big Brother Bird/Terence, and is only that huge because it ate an Eggsteroid. I love these dorky pigs. XD


oh crap, January is almost over already? That leaves Feb and March, and then... Yoshi Day Episode 29. I'm telling you the days before that pass by so fast. Mmmm, cake...


It was semi-spur of the moment and all-ham-and-cheese and also a grown-up version of that "Star of the Week" bit from elementary school but I was on TWiT earlier today. Most Saturdays @ 2pm-ish, MAD Magazine's Dick DeBartolo (yes, THAT one) takes up the stream for shenanigans with the chat room, and the opening act is a video chat with a "volunteer sucker" from the chat room. And today, that sucker was me. :D

Well, for what it's worth, and in light of my amazingly awful perma-congested voice (WHYYYYY), it does translate to free publicity and in turn translated to another commission in the queue. Hot!

I get a little bit of loot from this nonsense, too. Autographed copy of the current MAD Magazine and something else. Admittedly, the last time I read MAD was... uh... when Star Trek Voyager just started airing, because I remember the doodle that nicknamed Neelix as Kleenex.

One tiny snag: TWiT's Justin.tv archives are broken and don't have working sound, so I can't get a YouTube version yet. I'm working on getting this captured. I forget that outside of this part of the internet, getting to talk to the Giz Wiz is a big freaking deal. :P
23rd-Dec-2012 04:43 am - (WIP) Spoiler Alert: Buttpants
Hikaru & Sunny (Ragnarok TWILIGHT)

This is likely the one Snowscheme I'll have time for, since everything else on my plate is Gourmet fodder.

This is Hikaru's present from Numair. Screw sexy lingirie, let's stick her in a female-oriented mod of the Chapter 4 gear from Final Fantasy Tactics.

That's right, doods: BUTTPANTS.
Flonne - OMG! (Disgaea)
So like a lazypants bonehead I missed Men in Black 3 when it was in theaters (and yet if you recall Amazon had a Blu-Ray firesale that just happened to include a bunch of Will Smith-centric movies). Fast forward to, um, now, and MiB3's on the DVD and Blu-Rays and such, THUS. Yoink!

Short, short version: OMGWTFBBQSAUCE, watch this. Skipped MiB2? NOT A PROBLEM.

Before we go on: No, really, you only need to have seen the first movie because spoilers for everything- you look like you came from planet DAMNCollapse )

Watch this movie. At the very least it provides validation that, yes, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber are indeed aliens.


Do you have an iOS-thingy? Do you like Final Fantasy 4? (Particularly, the DS version with its FF9-type proportioned character models and voice acting?) Guess what's hitting the iTunes App Store on the 20th? :D? It's coming with a difficulty setting (I'm assuming to add a hard mode, but nothing's been said) and a minor graphical tuneup to smooth out the polygons. I was hoping Square would recall the VAs and fully voice this thing, but that was merely a pipe dream. :P

It was initially announced as being JAPAN ONRY but as it turns out everyone gets to play.

Android users will get FF4 as well, just later on. Hopefully Square will not botch this one as it has unfortunately done with their other Android ports (either incomplete, laden with unnecessary DRM or just plain unusable). I was going to put Chrono Trigger on my Galaxy Note 10.1 but held off after finding a giant pile of bad reviews-- seriously, there are almost as many 1-star as there are 5-star reports in the Google Play store.

I don't know which version I'ma grab... iPhone tends to be a bit more stable plus it comes out first, but if I hold out for the Android (again, presuming nothing goes wrong) it'll be on a nice big (relative to the iPhone) screen and better sound quality.

Also here's another thing that makes me all :| = Squaaaaare, if you're going to port your stuff to iOS, why can't you just take the extra half-step and officially issue a Mac port via its App Store? I mean, you have to test this stuff on a Mac anyway (seriously, to test iOS apps you actually use an emulator of an iPhone/iPad that even looks like the device). It's practically free money for you! Even at "full" price and the gamer whining that comes with it, people would still buy that up.
13th-Nov-2012 06:52 pm - Overstuffed (Or: Sausage Festival)
Hikaru (Ragnarok TWILIGHT Ep. 2)
In this post we sing the glory of sausage in our pizza.

Tonight, I looted the Overstuffed pizza from Pizza Hut, because new event item = must try!

It gets one ding on the outbreak: you only have two choices on how you take your pizza. The first is Supreme, which is just like any other definition of Pizza Hut's supreme (peppers and such). The Italian Meat Trio is for us weenies who are so entrenched in our sausage+pepperoni ways. There is no "Build Your Own" option, so if you're picky about your ingredients, this probably isn't for you. :(

Now that THAT's out of the way... Welp, do you like P'zones? Because this is basically three of 'em fused together. I looted the Italian Meat Trio spec, which in this case means Pepperoni and Sausage. Lots... and lots... of sausage. This is, of course, a very good thing for me because I am of course all for Team Sausage! Note, though, that the top layer crust comes off rather easily, so you may as well either just take it off entirely and eat it, or flip it over and hold it underneath the bottom crust as a support grip. I'm not sensing much sauce in here at all, so if that's important to you, you may want to loot a marinara cup as an extra.

$13 for this sounds about right, given that, again, it's essentially 3 P'zones stuck together (on days other than mondays, P'zones are $5 a pop, so this works out marginally cheaper!). And if you've ever wanted a P'zone that has sausage+pepperoni (emphasis on sausage), here is your chance!

It's a little on the greasy side, if the collected grease on the wax paper is any indication, so take that into account if that's of any importance. Otherwise, happy nomming, and I hope this is a long-lasting event item because as a sausage-lover I would TOTALLY loot this again. :)

- Overstuffed = 3 P'zones. No really, same crust and such.
- Italian Meat Trio spec = Are you Team Sausage? Lots of sausage. Not so much pepperoni.
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